Faith-Based Dorms


Faith-based dorms are the flagship of our ministry, taking place in dormitories that have been dedicated to our use. Inmates who have shown an interest in and been accepted into the program are housed in these dorms where discipleship takes place.

This setting, where offenders live 24 hours a day for six months, serves as a community of love and unity, creating and fostering an environment of peace and discipline where we provide avenues for participants to grow close to God, to grow in Christ-likeness, and to change for the better.

Our faith-based dorms are places that meet an inmate’s spiritual needs, change dysfunctional thinking patterns, and help the inmate learn to meet needs in a responsible manner.


Our three-tiered approach to discipleship includes:
  1. Classes teaching the Bible, spiritual habits and life skills are held in the dorms every weekday morning and afternoon, each led by a volunteer and attended by all participants. Participants also meet in five-person groups.
  2. Discipleship Groups are held once a week, and are also led by a volunteer. The purpose of Discipleship Groups is to provide an atmosphere of trust and safety where individuals come to know Christ and each other through sharing and discussion of life issues.
  3. Life Coaching offers a one-on-one relationship where a volunteer walks through life with an offender examining issues through use of the Word, praying for offender concerns and helping the offender prepare for release.

Class Curricula

Lockhart Female Faith-Based Dorm Classes

How To Study the Bible
Beyond the Ten Commandments
His Word in My Heart
Gospel of Luke
A Study in Acts
Genesis and Grace- Foundations Unto Faith
Changes that Heal
Effective Parenting in a Defective World
Overcoming Emotions that Destroy
Rebuilding Your Broken World
Becoming a Contagious Christian
Pray with Purpose
The Lord’s Prayer
Unceasing Prayer
Fundamentals of the Faith
Biblical Sexuality
Why I Believe
Love at Last Sight
Armor of God
Experiencing God
The Rescue – Setting Captives Free
Attributes of God
Our Identity in Christ
Vintage Jesus

(2015 Introducing Behavior Accountability Gathering)

Travis Male Faith-Based Dorm Classes

Authentic Manhood
The Ten (commandments)
Hope thru Faith (The Four Gospels)
Freedom from the Past
Preparing for Success
Search for Wisdom (Proverbs)
Transformation (Romans)
Victory in Spiritual Warfare
What God Says about Marriage/Parenting
Fundamentals of the Faith
Becoming a Man of Prayer
Remember your Faith (scripture memory)
Living by the Book (How to Study the Bible)
Overcoming Emotions that Destroy
Kingdom Man