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The God of Hope Ministries provides prisoners a “Bridge of Hope” through our Faith-Based Dorm program – an intensive 26 week program consisting of (1) classes on Bible, spiritual disciplines, and Life Skills; (2) small discipleship groups; and (3) one-on-one coaching of inmates by volunteers. Our goal is to produce in the dorms a community in which the inmates experience love, peace, and transformation in Christ. To this end, we have launched a second Faith-Based Dorm at Travis State Prison.


We have launched our new Aftercare Ministry for our dorm graduates who are released to the Austin area. Upon release, these ex-offenders deal with many obstacles such as finding a church, getting a job, clothing needs, and transportation. Our Aftercare Ministry will guide our graduates through all the above through Aftercare Coaches assigned to each in providing encouragement, accountability, and help in finding resources.

To put a more tangible face on how your gift might be used, here are some donation opportunities for current and new programs within our ministry:

Donation Amount Support it Provides
$25 Provides Aftercare participants when released with either a care package of essential toiletries or an initial bus pass as they search for a job.
$50 Provides a new inmate entering our Faith-Based Dorm with a set of required books.
$100 Purchases a bookcase for the new Travis Dorm Library (4 needed);
Purchases a set of basic clothes for an ex-offender entering Aftercare.
$300 Covers the initial month’s rent and food for a newly released ex-offender into Aftercare while he or she seeks employment (ex-offenders are released from TDCJ prisons with only a $50 check for living expenses).
$500 Purchases a 42” TV for instruction in new and old Travis dorms (4 needed);
Purchases a specialty cart for a flat screen TV (4 needed);
Purchases two storage cabinets for the new Travis Dorm;
Purchases a color laser printer for the office to produce dorm curriculum.
$5,000 Purchases all initial furniture and equipment for a new Faith-Based Dorm at the Travis State Prison (Males) or the Lockhart Prison (females)

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No Government Support

The God of Hope Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry incorporated in 2002 to share Jesus Christ with incarcerated men and women so that they may return to society as transformed people eager to transform their world. Our ministry operates solely on the generous donations of individuals, churches, and private foundations, and receives no funds whatsoever from any government or public agency. Our Federal Tax ID # is 41-4050748.