The God of Hope and KVUE-24 TV

The impact of the God of Hope Ministries has just been recognized by – of all things – a local secular television station!  KVUE-24 TV Station here in Austin (ABC affiliate) has an annual awards program for local volunteer efforts called “Five Who Care.”  This program annually recognizes five volunteers who have made extraordinary impact…

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Lessons from Prison

In January 2014, I began serving as Executive Director of The God of Hope Ministries here in Austin. As you know, ours is a ministry focused on discipling incarcerated men and women in two local prisons. Our principal venue is in “faith-based dorms” or living units in which we teach Bible, spiritual disciplines, and life…

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The Crisis

The United States incarcerates a higher fraction of its citizens than any other nation on earth. Currently, over 2.3 million people are in U.S. prisons not including the 350,000 children locked away in our juvenile detention centers. The State of Texas has 115 prisons with over 150, 000 men and women behind bars. These packed…

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Hope For Spiritual Growth

Growing up as a little boy, the world seemed larger than life. I remember thinking that I would never be tall enough to reach the kitchen cabinet to get a cup to pour my own kool-aid or that I would ever be old enough to drive a car. Wow, that was a long time ago!…

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Intensive Discipleship

After a lifetime of dysfunctional thinking, destructive habits and bad choices, we believe that intensive discipleship is necessary for inmates to experience lasting transformation and a better life. Following Jesus’ model, inmates in our faith based dorms receive the following: Daily study of God’s Word to include spiritual disciplines Daily interaction with mature Christians (our…

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